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Oct 16, 2012 6:30am EDT
. >>> the 42nd president of the united states, speaking at stevenson university, happening tonight. bill clinton is expected to talk about the challenges of globalization and how we can grow our inner dependence. his lecture is sold out. no chance on tickets for that event. >> the president befores wife, hilary clinton, is taking responsibility for security decisions made about the u.s. embassy in libya. four americans died during an attack in benghazi. clinton says the white house wouldn't have knowledge about security requests. it's been revealed the embassy asked for security but the request was denied. >>> five things you may want to know on this tuesday, he represented pennsylvania for 30 years. 250d spector will be laid to rest. think pink for breast cancer awareness month. a pep rally is held at the courthouse in towson, ceo of komen maryland is joining baltimore county executive to get people excited about raising funs for breast cancer. we are fife days away from race from the cure. it's sunday, 21st in hunt valley, abc 2 is a proud sponsor of the event. we hope you join us, we
Oct 5, 2012 5:30am EDT
cancer affects so manywomen even men in the united states. the fight to find a cure is on. >> unique way a group is trying to help breast cancer victimsinvolving clay pigeons. >> and the holiday season fast approaching many of you are look for ways to -- look for ways -- looking for ways to shop and the best deals around we will tell you how to get it.
Oct 9, 2012 5:30am EDT
is the minority. they say the percentage of protestant adults in the united states is 48%. number of americans with nonreligious affiliations increased from 15 to 20% over the last five years. >>> a children's book called mousetraunat is release today written by the husband of former congresswoman gabby giffords. >>> flu season is here. the county will set up a flu hotline on thursday offering free flu shots on saturday. the hotline is open from 5 to 7 on thursday and you can get a a shot at several location on saturday. and lynette it feels like flu season. >> it's cold and rainy. we can see montgomery county getting in on wet weather. we are seeing it around virginia this morning. and as we flied further up to the north we can see ate around glen burnie and elk ridge and columbia getting in. howard county dealing with light showers. more of the same around anne arundel and also around chestertown this morning. so, as you head out the door, take the umbrella but also take the coats because look at temperatures. in the 40s here below average. 46 degrees right now in aberdeen and 44 in hereford
Oct 10, 2012 5:30am EDT
certified. >>> three months left in the year, but it looks like 2012 will be the warmest ever in the united states. january through september was already the warmest first nine months temperature wise. temperature records go back all the way to 1895. >>> wal-mart is testing a same day delivery service for customers who purchase items online during the holiday season. the big box stores face increasing competition from online shopping sites. testing of the service has started in parts of virginia and philly with more cities added very soon. and. >>> ann romney is guest hosting good morning america today. the wife of republican presidential nominee mitt romney will be on the show during the 8:00 hour. abc says it's in talks with first lady michelle obama for a similar guest appearance on the show before next month's election. >>> and you are spending more to dress up your kids for halloween. but it turns out that you are splurging a lot on your pets, too. americans will spend 370 million dollars this year on pet costumes. that's according to a survey conducted by the national retail federatio
Oct 17, 2012 5:30am EDT
. and in the united states by 2014. the web site says it costs $1,000. >> and while speaking of breast cancer, we will be running a weekend fighting the disease. the komen race for the cure is sunday in hunt valley. not too late to register online. go to the web site abc 2 news .com/think pink and register on the race day as well. weather-wise, last year, it was cold for the race. we do not need to repeat the format. >>> we are going to get a repeat performance. it was dry though. lots of sunshine. and that's what we will see this time as well. look at the temperatures this morning, and we're still dealing with cold temperatures. and we are looking at 39 degrees right now in reisterstown. 38 in monrovia. look at sandy springs. 39 degrees. there huntingtown at 40 degrees. and annapolis at 42. sparrows point 46. good morning churchville at 41 degrees. and eastton, 41 degrees as well. make sure have you that big coat as you step out the door this morning. now, high pressure in control of our weather. but it will begin to slide off toward the east as we go throughout the day. allowing for warmer air
Oct 18, 2012 5:30am EDT
't be. >> reporter: nafis came to the united states on a student visa. he was a cyber security major at southeast missouri state university from january to may of this year according to a spokeswoman for the university. i'm ed payne reporting. >> a pair of hikers who spent days lost inside montana's national park are sharing their story of survival. the two experienced hikers from virginia got turned around after the map blew away and one of them slid down in the snow. they were stuck for four days. the hikers say they were down to their last bits of food when they heard the cries of rescuers. >> when the man who was out hiking looking for us you know called out to us, it was certainly a huge relief. >> it's over you know. we're headed back. >> the worst part of this whole thing was the fact that we were not able to communicate with anyone back home that cared about us. >> both men are well despite losing 15 pounds each during that trip into the wild. >>> time now for five things you may want to know on this thursday, thousands of previously secret files from the boy scouts of americ
Oct 11, 2012 6:30am EDT
people's property. justin bieber currently performing around the united states. it's part of his believe tour. >>> all right, so one unemployed man is now promising to send you to the super bowl but only if you can help him find a job. chuck low is spending time on the streets in broken arrow, oklahoma advertising the offer. he said it's been hard and positive feedback from drivers helps keep him motivated and moving forward. >> you're stating on annoying -- sitting on a negative day and it's cold. it doesn't seem that somebody cares. you know, you hear way to go man! you know like oh thanks. thanks you know. appreciate that. thank you. >> now this is not the first time low's tried a stunt like this. last spring you may recall because we told you about this on "good morning maryland," he was offering the hawaiian vacation for anyone who would help land him a job. >> hopefully he'll find one. benefit people in both ways. >>> stay with us this morning, many of you, you've had them in your medicine cabinet and wondered what do i do with all the expired meds? after all have they even expired
Oct 18, 2012 6:30am EDT
in the united states. authorities say he came to the u.s. explicitly to carry out the attack. >>> for the first time in nearly 20 years u.s. government says crime rates in the numbers are up. the u.s. department of justice says telephone surveys of 75,000 people showed an increase of around 22% in assault. that pushed up the overall rate for violent crime for the first time of a number this high since 1993. >>> well, it's been several days lost in montana's national park and now the hikers have sharing their -- are sharing their story. dr. jason hiser and his friend neal peckens got back to virginia tuesday after surviving a patch of wintry weather and rationing out the food. the experienced hikers got turned around after their map blew away and one of them fell down a steep terrain in the snow. they heard the rescuers' calls. >> the worst part of the whole thing was the fact that we were not able to communicate with anyone back home that cared about us. >> the hardest think was to keep staying in the same place and not moving. >> very grateful for everyone that -- that is you know shown us so
Oct 24, 2012 6:30am EDT
environmental hazards threatening children in the united states. today local officials are meeting to assess guidelines and laws associated with lead poisoning. >>> a epicenter of a meni gite ies outbreak may lose their license. they found unclean conditions including black fungus in the steroid. more than 300 people have become ill and 23 died including one confirmed in maryland. >>> barnes and noble is looking into a security breach. they say the credit and debit card information of customers at 63 stores has been compromised. the store is warning customers to check unaugustized transaction. >>> stewed antiglen burnie high school are getting a look at the dangers of texting while driving. they will drive a car simulating a virtual experience on the road while texting behind the wheel. they will text while driving to see how dangerous it is. >>> national food day and baltimore's mayor is going to plant a fruit tree at a local high school. this day is used to promote healthy sustainable affordable school. >>> forecasters say tropical storm sandy could be a minimum hurricane when it reaches j
Oct 25, 2012 5:30am EDT
abandoned animals in afghanistan and they raised the money needed to bring bolt to the united states. >> i can't wait to see him you know. it broke my heart when they took him away. >> he will have to wait another two weeks before he can be reunited with bolt. is dog is in began attorney and -- the dog is in quarantine and getting his strength up to make the trip around the world to be reunited with his best friend. >>> stay with us this morning, american mails may be going to the -- airlines may be beginning to the depth -- going to the depths of bankruptcy but it's now hiring. >> we have the details. >> also ahead this morning imagine being able to drive 85 miles an hour and it's legal. you wouldn't be able to get a ticket. that's the reality for one stretch of highway. we'll tell you where. is four dollars every day. wait, is that right? eggs, bacon, pancakes. yeah. that's right. the four dollar everyday value slam. only four dollars every day. only at denny's.
Oct 23, 2012 6:30am EDT
. >>> baltimore area state delegates and clergy are gathering today on a unite front. >> they are holding a news conference encouraging marylanders to vote on question 7. >> sherrie johnson is here to explain what's going on and many are coming out against question 7 the casinos. >> reporter: that's right. today area clergy and state delegates are coming together at empowerment temple ame church to have make their voices heard. they are against question 7 and plan to encourage voters to vote against it on november 6th election day. question 7 seeks to expand gambling in maryland and advocates claim it would create jobs, boost economic development and increase education funding in the state. but some folks simply are not buying it. elected officials and clrnlgy will express concerns and opposition to the measure -- clergy will express concerns and opposition to the measure. dr. bryant delegate carter and ref rand ce witherspoon with the southern christian leadership council are a few of the folks who will attend the event. it will be held at empurement temple on primrose in northwest baltimore. t
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11